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10 Most Common Mistakes that Dog Owners

How difficult it is to be a good owner! Throughout the life together between the owner and the dog, we learn from mistakes, so today I want to list the 10 most common mistakes that dog owners make and thus be able to avoid them:

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1. Choosing the Breed of the Dog on a Whim:

This is the first mistake made by an owner who has not been informed about the nature of the breed or cross breeds that will live with him for an average of 10-12 years. A poor choice of breed leads to future abandonment of the dog. A person who loves a breed like the Schnauzer but does not know that he needs a lot of daily physical activity, if he does not provide that need for exercise, the dog will have bad behaviors: excessive barking, urinating all over, destroying things … Then the owner has the best excuse: the dog is a demon. I have to give it away. As always, the human being, giving responsibility to the dog.

2. Do not Calculate the Costs of Having a Dog:

  If you want to adopt a dog you should know that it costs money. It is a living being that will need to eat, medical care, perhaps a hairdresser … Therefore, before adopting on a whim, calculate that you always have money for its care: food, vaccines, microchip, bed, feeders, collar, leash …

3. Lack of identification of the dog:

What can you not imagine a person without their identity document? Without an identity document, the person does not exist. Well, neither does a dog, but in his case, it is more serious, because since he cannot speak he cannot express where he lives, what happened to him … He only realizes the mistake of not identifying the dog when it has escaped, it has been lost, it has been stolen … That is why it is essential to follow a series of rules: put a microchip on the dog at any veterinary center, get his card or passport, wear a tag with his name and your phone number on his collar … Any device that helps anyone to identify the dog will be enough for you to breathe easy if it is lost or stolen.

4. Lack of Education During the Puppy’s first Months:

When a puppy is adopted at 2 months of age, the owner must continue the task of educating the puppy that until now was carried out by its mother. Having a dog requires time of dedication, patience and effort, and above all knowledge. Knowing canine psychology will help facilitate this task and help your dog grow up balanced. You don’t need a trainer, because the best educator is yourself.

5. Lack of Socialization in the key Stage:

There is a stage that any dog ​​goes through that encompasses 2 and 4 months of age of the puppy in which the period of social awareness occurs. During this period the puppy must interact with all its surroundings: people of all kinds, animals, other dogs, different sounds and noises, smells … Because the future personality of the dog will depend on these interactions. If it is not socialized, it will develop antisocial, fearful or aggressive behavior with other dogs or people. If it is socialized you will have a balanced dog for life. What happen? That most veterinarians forbid owners to take the dog out of the house until it has the vaccines, what things in life coincide with this stage of socialization. This is a huge mistake, and one that should be avoided by taking the precautions of watching the puppy closely in these interactions: that in the street it does not eat or lick anything from the ground, that it only interacts with healthy and vaccinated dogs, etc.

6. Not Providing Enough Physical Exercise:

One of the mistakes that dog owners make the most and that conditions living with the dog. A dog that does not exercise enough is an unhappy and anxious dog, which to release that anxiety will destroy things, bark excessively, will ignore … So if you have a dog with behavior problems, do not doubt that the fault is yours for not give him enough physical exercise.

7. Ignore our dog’s ailments:

I have known dramatic cases of dogs that were suffering the unbearable and yet the owners have not taken him to the vet. Totally incomprehensible. And cases in which the owners downplay the dog’s health problems that ultimately cost them their lives … Therefore, without delay, without doubts and without questions … In the event of any discomfort, change in the dog’s behavior or you notice that something is not going well, go to the vet or at least call by phone and make the consultation.

8. Ignore the Deworming of the Dog:

Every so often your dog must be dewormed, not only externally, but above all internally. Every 6 months, your dog should take the treatment to kill worms and worms because not only can they cause avoidable ailments, but the rest of the family can be in danger from worms and worms that may be on the ground. Careful with this.

9. Inadequate Nutrition:

Dogs that eat leftovers, poor quality dry food… In the end, it results in the fact that cancer and kidney problems have exploded in recent decades. Our dog also needs to feed, but not according to our preferences, but on his needs. Forget dry supermarket food that does not have any nutrients, bet on high-quality dry food (without preservatives, colorings, grain-free), combine it with dehydrated food (made up of natural foods) and foods that you cook without salt or oils and no spices. And of course, do not eat sweets.

10. The teeth, the great forgotten:

Virtually no owner is concerned about the dental hygiene of the dog. A dog needs to take care of its teeth because they are very prone to the formation of tartar, tartar can lead to gingivitis, this to an infection in the whole mouth and all the teeth fall out. If you do not want your dog to suffer from dental pain, have good breath and white teeth, please do not neglect his dental hygiene.

So knowing all these mistakes, try to avoid them for your own good, but most of all, for the good of your dog.


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