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How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Dental health for dogs

Keeping your dog’s teeth healthy is an essential duty, as well as trimming their nails, protecting them from bad plants and playing with them.

Tartar buildup can cause a number of health problems, including heart problems. Some pet owners prefer to take their dog to the vet so that its teeth can be professionally cleaned.

It usually costs at least $ 150 without pet insurance, which is why many people choose to brush their dog’s teeth at home. When they are puppies, it is ideal to start brushing them, so they can slowly get used to them.

When you decide to start brushing, always make sure to use dog toothpaste and not human paste.

They cannot spit, and humans do not have toothpaste to swallow. If you use human toothpaste, it can cause stomach upset, and the contents of your lunch may end up on your floor.

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Average cost of dog dental care

Veterinary cleaning with anesthetic treatment: $ 250-350 per visit

Veterinary cleaning without anesthetic treatment: $ 100-250 per trip

Daily house cleaning: $ 30-60 a year

House cleaning weekly: $ 15-30 a year

Tooth extraction due to poor dental care: $ 600-1,000 per trip Dog with plaque on teeth.

How do you brush a dog’s teeth?

Ways to groom your dog: Before you start brushing your dog’s teeth, it’s a good idea to make it a habit to touch his lips. For a few weeks before brushing your teeth, lift your upper and lower lips and massage the area for thirty seconds at a time. Look at her reactions.

Once he feels relaxed while doing so, he is ready to brush his teeth. Another good idea is to put some toothpaste in your mouth to get accustomed to the taste.

If your dog is resistant to taste, but not to brush, it is best to brush with a non-brush brush.

Getting Ready: Before taking your dog to brush teeth, you should set up that area and have everything within easy reach. For example, I already put toothpaste on a toothbrush, so you don’t have to wait for the dog to do this.

The idea is that you want to reduce the dog’s discomfort and eliminate it as soon as possible.

It is also important to make sure that your dog is ready. If he wants to play, he won’t be very tolerant of brushing his teeth. You will want to make sure that it is relaxed and calm.

This will put an end to those battles if you choose a time when your dog is hyperactive and agile.

Start brushing teeth: Once you are ready, you will want to bring your dog into a position where it can be face to face. This may mean that you need to sit on the floor or place it on your lap.

If possible, it is good to have another person there to talk to your dog to help him relax, as well as hold him gently.

A second person talking to your dog will help distract him, especially during times when he needs to add

toothpast: Brushing their teeth using a toothbrush is ideal, but not all dogs will be ready to use one. In cases where your dog is resistant to a toothbrush, you can use a wet wipe or gauze on your finger.

Another alternative to the brush is a rubber surface cap that you place on your finger, which acts like a toothbrush. You can find these at most pet stores.

To start brushing your teeth, lift your upper lip and brush in a circular pattern to achieve a gum line. Keep the upper teeth around the mouth first. Then it starts at the bottom.

The bottom will be tricky because your dog will probably keep its teeth closed and the bottom teeth will be slightly hidden.

Really pay attention to the back teeth; This is where plaque builds up the most and can do the most damage.

How often to clean dog teeth

There is a widespread debate about how often your dog’s teeth should be cleaned. You will hear someone say something every day; Others will say once a week.

When you bathe your dog, I will personally aim. Usually I will prepare my dog ​​nails, shower and everything else in one day.

We also give her many healthy toys for teeth, such as ropes designed for dogs, milk bones; In addition, we always give him dry dog ​​food, which helps to make his teeth strong.

Then once a year when you talk to your vet, ask if he thinks the dog’s teeth need a professional cleaning. Some veins encourage you to have it professionally cleaned once a year, regardless of dental health.

Others are less conservative and will actually assess by visiting your dog’s teeth. If you brush regularly, they can tell you that they do not feel a visit to the vet.

Either way, the vet should at least evaluate your dog’s dental health.

Side effects for dogs with bad teeth

At age three, over 80 percent of dogs have dental care problems. Dental problems not only affect the teeth, but also the liver, heart, intestinal tract, kidneys, and even joints!

The reason for this is because the bacteria that accumulate in the mouth due to bad bacteria will eventually be swallowed and spread throughout the body.

These bacteria can cause problems in your pet’s entire body.

Signs can be seen by your dog’s ve

A dog’s breath should never be aggressive. Their breath may smell like the food they have eaten, which is not the most favorable smell, but your dog’s breath should never be unbearable.

The gums should be pink and close to the teeth. If your gums are red, swollen or moving away from the gums line, you should keep a vet’s eye on your dog’s teeth.

When he brushes his teeth, his gums should not bleed. Bleeding from the gums is a sign of gingivitis

Complaining while chewing toys is a great indicator that something is wrong.

Your puppy can do this when their baby teeth fall out, but they should not do it once all of their adult teeth are inside. You can see sudden resistance when chewing toys that you like best.

Sometimes you can’t brush your dog’s teeth as often as you need to; So make sure you have a lot of hard toys that they can chew to help strengthen their teeth.

Milk bones are great for periodically cleaning your teeth, but don’t just rely on them because the plaque will still form.


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