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How to feed a dog with natural food?

The presence of a new pet in the house is not just a sea of ​​great joy, love and affection. It is also a big responsibility that falls on the shoulders of some family members. As a child a dog needs complete care, especially in the first months of a pet.

The puppy is accustomed to a new life, must show its acceptable range of behavior, be punished in time for disobedience and stairs.

If you train your dog properly, you can produce an intelligent and sufficient animal that behaves well at home and on the road in the presence of him and others. In addition to training and social skills, the dog requires care.

It is important to provide a pet with a berth, take care of the animal’s hair, teeth and ears, visit the vet regularly and receive timely vaccinations. Nutrition is the basic aspect of a dog’s health.

A dog’s body depends in many ways on the vitamins and trace elements used with food. In order to feed the animal so that it is fun, healthy and physically strong, we are trying to understand this article.

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Dry or natural food?

This is one of the most important issues facing owners of different races. Dried and natural food has many advantages and disadvantages.

Dry food is the easiest way to feed an animal, you do not have to calculate the amount of protein, fat, and feed your pet’s needs.

Dry food is ideal for busy owners who do not have time to prepare food for their dogs. However, you should be aware that if you decide to feed your dog dry foods, it should be high quality food.

In other words, it is important to purchase high quality dry fodder, keeping in mind the breed, nature and weight of the animal. In such feeds, the diet is perfectly balanced, saturated with all essential vitamins and minerals.

The disadvantage of dry food can be called its cost, especially if you like a large breed dog. In this case, a serious portion of the family budget may go to feed the dog.

And if there are many dogs? In this case, the owners will sooner or later start thinking about the feasibility of switching to organic food.

Principles of natural food

Dry food is generally more suitable for small-sized dogs as they eat very little but require vitamins. It is difficult to feed small pets that are quite atmospheric. But for older dogs that require a lot of food, it is better to follow a natural diet, but this should be done correctly.

  • You cannot feed a dog by cooking itself, and moreover, you cannot just drop a dog from a human table. This is completely wrong. The dog should be cooked separately.
  • It is important to calculate the amount of food a dog can eat. Full dose should be taken at once. If the dog does not feed immediately, leave an extra bowl, the dose should be reduced slightly.
  • Do not mix dry food with natural food, as it is defective in the body’s metabolism.
  • You cannot spoil your dog with sweets, pastries or cakes. All of this is of little use to the pet’s body.
  • When eating both dry food and a natural diet, the dog should have free access to fresh drinking water. Typically, a dog consumes about 50 ml of water per day according to body weight. These indicators increase at higher air temperatures, puppies and pregnant bitches drink more. Excessive thirst can usually be a serious and dangerous symptom, with which you need to go to the doctor immediately.
  • If you are feeding your dog a natural diet, be sure to give your pet a vitamin key complex twice a year to make up for the lack of essential ingredients.
  • Meat and offal should not be mixed with dairy products, especially dairy products. Iron in meat and calcium in milk are antagonists, they interfere with the assimilation of each other. They should be given as separate food to the dog.
  • Raw meat can be given to the dog. And to protect your pets from potential parasites, the products are frozen – at severely low temperatures, no larvae survive.
  • Vegetables and fruits can be given both raw and cooked. They are usually grated or sliced ​​into small pieces.
  • Food must be prepared freshly, food can only be stored in the refrigerator for two days.
  • Occasionally owners have to go on vacation or a long commute, which results in the dog being transferred to other people’s care. The temporary owner, of course, does not bother, it is easy for him to feed the animal with dry food. To avoid problems, you should take your dog on a pre-dry diet, stretching this period to 8–10 days, gradually replacing the natural food with a dry one. At the same time, the dog should be given probiotics, which will reduce any intestinal problems.
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How to feed a dog with natural food?

In order to provide the necessary amount of all trace elements to the pet, it is necessary to monitor the ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrate.

Animal nutrition is based on proteins, which make up about half of the total diet.

Valuable sources of protein include meat, bones, cartilage, other offal, dairy products, and eggs. Protein is not able to be stored in the body, so it needs to be in the dog’s diet on a daily basis.

At the same time, eggs can cause allergies, so they should not be given to your dog more than twice a week. Be sure to cook to prevent Salmonellosis infection.

It is recommended to give quail eggs to weaned puppies, dogs after surgery, bitch during pregnancy – they are very useful for the dog’s body. Be sure to feed your dog meat or other offal, you can leave pork raw. Pork should be cooked to avoid infection caused by incorrect pork rabies.

Only give your dog soft bones that are not stuck in pieces during digestion. It is filled with mucosal shock.

Approximately 30-40% of the diet should be cereal.

Grains can vary – chopped rice, oats, barley, buckwheat. But it is better to avoid logs and corn. Barley – 1-2 times a week, no more. The source of fast carbohydrates are vegetables and fruits, which can be mixed with oatmeal.

Be sure to include vegetables in your pet’s diet. But you should avoid beets and cabbage – they can irritate the intestines. Pumpkin, apple, carrot, tomato – it’s not only incredibly useful, but also very tasty!

Be sure to include fat in your animal’s diet, without which your metabolism cannot function. This is especially true for smooth-haired dogs whose hair becomes dull and stiff without vitamin E.

Such dogs should be given a tablespoon of vegetable oil once a day on a regular basis – to add it to their food. This keeps the coat smooth and shiny. Another excellent source of healthy fat is fish, which can be eaten once a week after removing dangerous bones.

Cooking soup and cereal for a dog is not difficult. You can buy meat, other offal, chicken or soup packs. Boil it all in water, pull and sort bones so that there is no sharp, hard and dangerous part of the dog food.

A set of grains or several grains should be added to a single broth. Raw and chopped vegetables and fruits are added to the prepared soup or porridge. It is a good, healthy and nutritious diet for dogs of any breed.

Adult dogs should be fed twice a day, more often than puppies.

Food requirements may vary depending on the condition and environment of the dog.

In warm weather, pets eat less like a disease.

If the dog stays on the road, if it has active physical training, if we are talking about the future mother, then the amount of food should increase by 15-20%.

Dog food should not be eaten salty or spicy. And try to cook different foods for the animal – he, like you, wants to try something new and tasty.

Remember that dog nutrition is the foundation of health and longevity.


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