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How to teach your dog to walk without a leash

When you take your dog for a walk, holding him on a leash makes you tired. I know that some parks have strict rules for leasing, but if you have control over your dog, there are some places to walk your dog by leasing, and trust me, this is a very good feeling.

When I started walking my dog, it stopped the leash non-stop.

I was frustrated and tired, and thus ruined the whole experience of a pleasant walk together. If he had taken off the leash, he would have flown away.

She would never know if she would return and the further she would get away from him, the less she would listen.

Everything changed when I taught him to understand the phrase “leave it!” It is not a mandate that is based on punishment. This is one that says, “I am where you should focus, now me.”

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It is a good word when it comes to the attention habits of a dog. Dogs love to focus on something.

They are always in the here and now, which I wish I could do more for myself.

If you can teach your dog to focus on you and want your affection, affirmation, and appreciation, then you have completed training the dog. You should be here and now.

Once your dog has reached that point, he will learn about anything you want. Now, it is about loading words.

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Leash Pulling

If you constantly let your dog pull you on the leash, it will be rewarded because it is a stimulus point and will be allowed to move to a different place and be in control, which is not something you want.

If they roll, refuse to advance until they recognize your authority. I know it’s not fun, but it will get better and better if you’re consistent and in the long run it’s worth it.

Periodically pull on their leash to remind them of their authority. Make it quick and concise.

Use a command they know as “skip this”. The point is to get your dog’s attention to focus on you. The strap should be constantly loose, never tight.

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Stop often

A great way to get your dog to focus on you is to stop often and do something that he enjoys or something that results in a reward. He pulls off the leash and makes a treat, asks them to sit down, and gives them the treatment.

The more you do this, the more they will see you to see where you are and what you want. If they are not stopping or are focused elsewhere, walk in front of them, interrupt their path, and let them sit and watch you.

Snap Your Fingers

I don’t like yelling at my dog ​​all the time to get my attention. So if you can’t snap your fingers, look for a clicker or some kind of sound that triggers your attention to focus on your command.

It would be a lot easier than saying “quit” if you can snap your fingers when they start to grab or lose attention. Each time you use a command word and try to snap your fingers to pull on your leash to listen to your command.

Drop the Leash

Once your dog has developed the habit of focusing on his movements and desires, have him sit next to you and let go of the leash, but keep it under his leg.

If you see it falling they may try to take it off, so putting it under your feet is a way of letting them know that you don’t have to hold the strap to stop them or stay in control.

If they do not try to escape and are waiting for you, then start walking. Step on the leash from time to time and do the same thing as before. Say, sit, give them a treat, and say a word they know. Continue this until you try to run away.

The advantage of leasing is that they will step into their own leases very frequently, reinforcing a cautious attitude and good behavior while on the move.

Leave the strap in your pocket

When I decide not to wear a strap, I don’t take it on my way because it can let them run freely whenever they want.

I start walking by leash and start with a series of commands, which tell you that this is the same old walk, along with the occasional snapping and sitting.

If your dog is having a hard time listening to your orders, take a step back and keep trying, eventually he will understand and look forward to a future journey with you.

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Let them explore a little

Now that you have taught your dog how to respond and focus on his commands, stop and smell him at all costs, but make sure that he will obey him when he decides.

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Let them walk

Once your dog mastered the commands and responded to your actions, he increased his speed a bit and let him stretch his legs, but don’t let him get out of control.

Slowly remind them all the time that he is still in control. I do this when they are leased and closed so that they can easily stop leash training.

Every dog ​​needs time to walk on their own and explore whatever they want, but they need a safe place to practice, such as a backyard, an enclosed dog park, or someone Also fenced-in areas where they can be detected without being lost or bumped into each. other. A car.

But to be honest, if you did your training right, they wouldn’t want to go too far from you, because you are everything they really want.

However, keep in mind that this is not an overnight process. This will require a lot of patience on your part as well as daily stability. If you want to read more about my approach to training our own family dog, you can read it here.


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