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How to Train My Dog?

The education of our dog begins at an early age. The earlier you start, the easier it will be for him to learn to behave and be a good dog.

The ideal is to teach him from puppyhood, but this is not always possible. Some of the first things a dog should learn when he comes home are: to relieve himself in the right place, not to chew on objects or ourselves, and not to bark excessively.

The rest of the rules will depend on the limits you want to establish, such as not ordering food at the table, not getting on the sofa or not getting on two legs.

When it comes to educating your puppy dog, you must be clear about what you are going to allow him when he is an adult and act accordingly. Maybe now, so little, you don’t mind that he sleeps with you in bed but, when he grows up and weighs 40 kg, you still don’t like it so much.

The best thing is that you always keep the same rules so as not to confuse him.

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Tips for training a dog

  • Patience, affection and perseverance.
  • Do not yell or punish.
  • More to ignore and less to berate inappropriate behaviors.
  • Clear commands with short words and easy to understand gestures. Always use the same.
  • Congratulate him with caresses and reward him with treats to motivate him. It must be done at the exact moment for him to learn.
  • There is no use nagging for something he did after a while, you have to do it in the moment.
  • Socialization and interaction with other dogs and people from day one. It is also advisable for him to interact with other animals, such as cats, birds or rodents, especially if he may at some point go to live with them.
  • Do not overprotect, for example, holding him in your arms when he passes another dog in the street.
  • Do not humanize. Treat your dog like what he is, a dog.
  • Respect his space when he eats, sleeps, plays or explores in the street.
  • Routine of walks with stable schedules.

How to train a puppy dog?

All dogs need rules for living at home. They must know what they can and cannot do and have well defined limits. And the best way to teach them is with affection and respect, avoiding scolding them so that it does not negatively affect your relationship.

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Socializing your puppy is essential for him to be happy, both with people and with other animals.

You should also get used to different day-to-day situations so that you are not afraid, such as the street, noise, storms, trips by car or public transport, bicycles, children, etc.

Expose him every day to something different, without overwhelming him, so that he gets used to all this.

In this way, when he is an adult, he will be a dog without fear.

How to train my dog ​​to relieve himself

This is one of the first things your puppy will have to learn when they get home. At first, he will probably have to do it at home until he has all his shots and can go outside.

Then, we will teach you how to do it in a specific place in the house like on a newspaper or a soapy pad; this must always be in the same place and always available.

Praise him every time he gets it right and ignore when he doesn’t.

To teach a dog to relieve himself in the street you will have to take him out very often, every 2 or 3 hours, and reward him every time he pees or poops. Sometimes they need long walks to relieve themselves outside.

Reduce the interval of the departures until you establish what will be your usual schedule, for example, morning, afternoon and night.

If he misses something at home the first few times, don’t scold him; It is normal that it takes time to understand that he should always do it outside and to control it. If he continues to do it, remember to correct him only at the same moment that he does it, not afterwards since it will not help; just say “no” to understand that this is wrong.

Some dogs learn quickly and others take longer, so be patient!

How to train my dog ​​so that he does not bite?

It is normal for your puppy to chew on things, it is his natural way of exploring and he does not know what he can and cannot bite. When he gets home, he will likely nibble on your shoes, the corners of furniture, or whatever he finds in his way.

Offer him toys that satisfy his desire to bite and chew and that are much more interesting than the forbidden things. When he bites something he shouldn’t, say “no” and give him his toy. He little by little he will stop biting everything.

How to train my dog ​​to stay home alone?

Sometimes both puppies and adult dogs have separation anxiety when left alone. This can lead to destructive behaviors, crying, and stress. It is very important to teach them from day one that they cannot always be with us and feel calm when they are alone.

The best way to do it is progressively, that is, absent ourselves for a short time at first and gradually increase it. In some cases we will have to start leaving the house for just 5 minutes; It will be enough to repeat these short outings three times a day.

Every time you enter the house greet him happily and keep him company. When you notice that you have passed these exits, increase the time by 10 minutes, then 20 minutes, half an hour, an hour and so on.

In the same way, it is important that the dog has a safe place in the house, a quiet place with his bed, his water and his toys.

You can also help yourself with accessories such as the Kong, which will keep you entertained for a long time without thinking that you have left. Putting on the radio or TV is also very effective.

How to train my dog ​​not to ask for food at the table?

This is one of the simplest things. It’s as simple as NEVER giving him any food when you sit at the table and ignoring him when he asks.

The most common mistake is to give in at some point and give him something, because then he will always keep trying. You have to be very forceful if you want him to stop bothering at the table.

How to train my dog ​​not to pull on the leash?

So that you can enjoy the walks with your furry you must teach him to walk tied. It is common for dogs to pull on the leash when they go outside.

You have to make it clear to him that you are in control during the ride and that no matter how much he pulls, he will not get to go where he wants.

It is important that the dog enjoys the walk and can “be a dog.” That is, you should give him some distance on the leash and allow him to smell and explore.

Although at first it is better to use a 2 meter strap until you get used to it, we advise you that, when you are in the park or in a safe area, you use a long strap with which you have more freedom of movement.

The best way to train a dog to avoid pulling on the leash is to stop short when it does; you have to try that the tape is never in tension.

There is no need to scold or jerk him, which can also lead to spinal damage, neck injury, or drowning. You just have to stop and wait for your dog to come back to you and the leash is free of tension; then he resumes walking.

Here are some tips on how to train a dog. Once your furry knows basic education, you can move on to training.

Take a look at our post on how to train a dog and know the simplest techniques for him to learn to sit, lie down or stay still, as well as general tips when teaching any exercise.

Remember that positive education or training is always better, which is based on rewarding good behaviors instead of scolding and punishing bad ones.

If you want to learn more about dog training, we recommend that you read this article about the best dog training books and this one about the use of the clicker.



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