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How to Train a dog to Stay at Home

Dog friends know how important it is to engage in pet training on time. It is not just about basic commands, peace of mind during hygiene processes, and other aspects.

Parenting also means that since childhood a puppy should be used to live alone.

This does not mean that you left the pet at the mercy of fate. But it is necessary for every modern person to go on a business or work trip, a pet should tolerate such situations in peace.

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Dog fear of loneliness

You should immediately pursue your drive and locate your pet’s core.

Puppies raised by wild dogs live in trenches that last 8 to 12 months. It is only after this period that the family’s mother allows them to go swimming for free, and not always.

When a person takes a puppy from his mother, he is truly responsible for it. If the mother of the family fed her children, heated them, and protected them, then all these responsibilities are on your shoulders.

You are the only adult your dog sees as a keeper. Only you puppy can feed, warm and soothe him.

I agree, a little emotional, but this is how life is.

When you go to work, the “center of the universe” is taken from the puppy.

She is single, but many inexperienced parents bark and tickle at the rebel door. The animal is afraid, but this fact does not stop the pet from molesting you.

Manipulation occurs when the owner often returns home when the animal’s first cry appears.

Already the 6-month-old dog knows well what he is doing and therefore he is happy to use his charm.

But there is also the reverse side of the coin in this practice. Some owners, when they leave for work, find their family’s favorite slippers or other shoes at the end of the work day.

The dog will not get bored when the tooth exchange begins. But then it is necessary to teach him something completely different – not to ruin things during your absence.

This is another issue that affects education and punishment.

Today we are talking about dogs that really miss you when you cry and bark near the door.

This condition often affects unacceptable pets that have recently been taken away from their mother. Also count adults in this group who have experienced extreme stress, fear, betrayal. The animal is afraid of loneliness.

Such individuals like to follow in the footsteps of the owner, waiting for him to stop his business. But the owner just has to take a step over the threshold when the pet starts urinating, making a sad noise, crying.

This way the dog is stressed. He should get used to it, but not hurt.

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Where do you start

  1. Any dog ​​that has just been taken from its parents wants to be left alone. Nothing strange here, because for many centuries, four-legged friends have lived with the man and are completely together.
  2. On the first day, when you are in another room the dog can say that about you. Do not walk to the first call, wait for silence and just go to your pet. So you show that silence is welcome, do not whip.
  3. After last night, introduce the animal to its new home and place. Put in a bed or box, let the baby sniff. You should never leave your dog at home until he gets used to it. When you get used to it, then only you will start manipulating.
  4. If for some reason you are forced to leave, there is no way to find a “nurse”, follow these steps. Add one pet to the number of the month. For example, a dog is 3 months old, which means that you can stay away for 4 hours. off course not.
  5. Adult dogs can be left for up to 8 hours, this is the limit. During this period, you have to do all the work, work and return home. During the absence, the pet must leave plenty of toys.
  6. When an animal needs an owner, it produces some kind of aggression. It manifests as damage to shoes and other interior items. Therefore, a pet roaming the apartment must constantly stumble upon its toys. They can be purchased at a pet store. Dog behavior is not unnecessary.

How should the owner work

  1. Do not think that you only need to train one dog. You also need to focus on yourself. If your pet is not alone at home, analyze your actions and monitor your behavior. Often the owner himself incites the bad behavior of the pet.
  2. Leaving home should always be quiet. Do not show emotional impulse or stroke in the animal. Do not fit or speak appropriate phrases. Just pack, pet dog and head outside.
  3. Do not inform your pet in advance and instruct them. Anyway, the dog does not understand what you are saying to him. But the animal fully knows its already troubled tone.
  4. The dog understands that something is wrong when you said goodbye to him.
  5. The more difficult situation is the general suppression of emotions after coming home. Most owners are happy for a pet to jump, climb on their arms, and wrinkle. If you encourage this behavior from puppy times, imagine what happens to an adult dog.
  6. During your absence a confirmed person may begin tearing down furniture upholstery or wallpaper. It is heard that when you return home, the dog constantly crawls the door or runs towards you, sweeping everything in its path. No one is claiming that your pet loves you very much, everything should be in moderation.
  7. Separately, it is worth noting the most serious mistake of the owners. While you wait for your pet to fall too much, you come home and start ruining it. It treats you in a way that is unacceptable. If you have not found an animal on crime, it does not make sense why you are so angry and aggressive.

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What to do if a Puppy Urinates in the Apartment

Often, when a dog is left alone at home, it tends to roam the wrong place. If you have a small puppy, be prepared for such problems to occur frequently for up to 8 months. It is necessary to train the dog before walking or waiting on a tray.

Do not spoil the animal or sting your nose. Such behavior is unacceptable and futile. When a pet is left alone at home, there is no one to ask from outside with its consequences.

Therefore, one should not be “surprised” upon reaching home.

Place the tray with a special filler. Alternatively, you can rip a newspaper or an old rag. When you get home, clean up after your pet. Place a dirty cloth or newspaper in place of the incoming toilet. In this way, the dog has a habit of toilet in the house.


Teach your pet to stay at home – these are important activities that cannot be done in a day. Be patient, learn to separate clean water treatment from the actual fear experienced by your pet. Start small, gradually expand your absence. Encourage silence, do not rub animals.



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