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How to Trim Dog Nails – Full-Proof Process

“How to trim dog nails” is a common question among all new puppy parents.

Regularly trimming a dog’s nails is important for its health and well-being, so it is important to find out. But, as we will talk more, this is definitely an act most people fear.

This guide on how to trim dog nails will simplify the process, teach you the necessary skills and help calm your nerves.

How to Trim Dog Nails: Dog Owner’s Dilemma

When he starts listening to his puppy’s footsteps on the ground, it’s probably time to bite his nails.

But if the thought of trimming your dog’s nails causes fear and panic, then you are not alone.

Figuring out how to trim a dog’s nails without maintaining the pain and discomfort of your puppy (while maintaining its purity) can be a bit tricky.

But with the right preparation, equipment and technique, you can reduce stress and make this important grooming process as comfortable and smooth as possible.

Dog Nail Trimming: The Essential Guide - Tractive Blog

Getting ready for work

You can eliminate the fear and stress of trimming your dog’s nails with a little preparation.

There is a lot that you can control, but a little knowledge and planning can help you avoid some painful situations.

Here is everything you need to know before you start.

Why Trimming Your Dog's Nails Is Important

1. Anatomy of Your Dog’s Nails

Before you start cutting anything, it is important to consider the structure of your dog’s nail, which is made up of several layers.

The hard outer layer is the “shell” which is the inner soft layer known as “fast”.

The fast has blood vessels and nerves, which means that it is extremely sensitive and bleeds deeply when cut.

Rapid is very easy to identify if your dog has light colored nails, but with darker nails you will need to be very careful not to get closer to faster than 2-3 mm.

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2. Select the Correct Device

You will have some options when deciding which tool to use to trim your dog’s nails. Your best choice will depend on the size and nature of your dog.

The devices you typically fall into are these categories:

  • Scissor cutter
  • Guillotine cutter
  • Grinder

Scissor-sized shears are ideal for larger dog breeds, while guillotine-style shears may be more suitable for a smaller hip.

Some people find it easier to use the nail grinder, as they close the nail faster than to put it at risk, but some dogs do not like the discussion of the tool.

Regardless of the instrument you choose, make sure it is made specifically for dog nails and is sharp enough to prevent breakage and damage to the nails.

3. Be prepared for accidents

When cutting your dog’s nails, the most important thing is to trim only the outer layer of the nail to avoid biting quickly.

But despite our best intentions, accidents happen.

This is why having stylish powder and cotton balls on hand is important when helping to trim your dog’s nails so that it cuts quickly.

4. Get Your Dog Used to Handling his Paws

Some dogs do not mind touching their paws and have their nails bitten, but others are absolutely disgusted.

It is best to get in the habit of feeling your dog before starting the trimming process, and it is recommended that you start as low as possible so that your puppy is comfortable handling their paws.

Appreciate your dog a lot and allow him to control his claw to create a positive behavior.

5. Take a deep breath and relax

Take some clean breath and regain her confidence before the last thing you start. Now you are ready with the right knowledge and tools so that the work can be completed easily. By bringing calm energy in this process, your dog will also be assured.

How to Trim Dog Nails: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you are mentally ready for the task of trimming your dog’s nails, the following step-by-step guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Trimming Your Dog’s Nails Using Clippers

  1. Start with the clipping tool of your choice in your dominant hand.
  2. Hold your dog’s paws firmly with your other hand, place your thumb on the footpad and your fingers above the claw near the fingernails.
  3. Start cutting from the tip of the nail; This is especially important if your dog has black nails.
  4. Trim about 1-2 mm per cut, working slowly.
  5. Take a look at your dog’s nails whenever you make a cut and stop biting when you see a tan-colored oval in the cross-section; This means that it is fast approaching.
  6. Use a nail file to smooth out the rough edges.

Here’s an example of a nail clipper:

Trimming your dog’s nails with a grinder

  1. Begin by holding the instrument in your dominant hand.
  2. Hold your dog’s paw in your other hand.
  3. Just tap your dog’s nail with the grinder and count to two.
  4. Stop and congratulate your dog.
  5. Repeat the process until you notice a tan oval in the cross-section of your dog’s nail. This means that you are fast approaching and it is time to stop.

Here is an example of a nail grinder:

Finishing Up the Process

Once you are done, offer your dog a lot of praise, a treat or a hug to survive.
If at any point during the clipping process you notice that your dog is nervous or uncomfortable, stop immediately and offer treats and praise.

You can later return to work and take it from where you left off; Some find it easier to complete the process at one time.

The important thing is to end each clipping session on a positive note.

So go ahead and offer those belly rubs and lots of vocal praise as well.

This solidifies nail trimming as a positive experience for both of you.

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Final Thoughts on How to Trim Dog Nails

Learning how to trim a dog’s nails is not a scary process.

With a little planning and the right equipment, your puppy can also start enjoying manicure/pedicure treatments.
Of course, if your furry friend is strongly against the nail trimming process, he or she can also opt for a professional grooming service and take the stress out of their plate completely.

However, with consistent practice, you may be surprised at how comfortable you and your dog are with the occasional nail trimming session.


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