13 YEAR OLD Angelina Green Wins GOLDEN BUZZER on America’s Got Talent! View the FIRST comment ⤵️

A 13-year-old singer named Angelina Green captured the hearts of judges on America’s Got Talent with her powerful voice and moving story of how singing has brought her solace.

When the young hopeful entered the stage, she smiled as she introduced herself to the judges. However, when asked why music is her passion, she instantly choked up.

When I was a kid, one day my dad left and he never came back,” Green said in a pre-made sticker pack. “We had nothing left. We were going to get an eviction notice. I remember overhearing my mother talking on the phone with homeless shelters. She was afraid we would end up on the street and that’s really scary for us.”

“That’s when music helped me. It was my own little world that I could go to whenever I needed,” she continued “I would sing and all my sadness and troubles would all go away.”
As she basked in the celebratory reaction to her performance, Green couldn’t contain her tears of joy as the judges and audience rose to their feet.

Green’s audition showcased her impressive vocal range and captivating emotional quality with a powerful cover of The Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand By You.”

Look at the amazing performance in the video below!

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