After 35 years as a baker, a gifted man begins singing. Full video is in the comments

Following your dreams is, without a doubt, the wisest decision you will ever make.

It’s difficult to invest in other things once you’ve found something you enjoy doing. Your heart’s desire will always be to pursue whatever it is that you are passionate about.

Martin Hurkens, 58, has always aspired to be an opera singer.

He wished to continue his education in music, but he lacked the financial resources to do so.

Alternatively, Martin became a baker for 32 years to make a living.

When Martin lost his job in 2010, his daughters wanted to rekindle his lifelong dream so they entered him in the reality TV talent show called “Holland’s Got Talent”.

Aside from winning the competition, Martin acquired lots of fans with his exceptional singing voice.

Martin has gone all-out in his singing career since then, wowing audiences with his talent.

Martin walks to the streets of Holland on occasion, removes his hat, and sings to a throng.

Watch Martin’s winning piece in “Holland’s Got Talent” in the video below.

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