Andrea Bocelli stands alone in front of an orchestra, impeccably dressed in a black suit as smoke swirls about his legs setting the scene for an epic performance. He begins to sing in Spanish, the crowd cheer in approval, for both his skill and song choice. After a few lines, Jennifer Lopez walks on stage looking incredible in a black lace dress. She starts to sing in a style that that no one would have expected from the pop singer. Her voice is simply stunning, and alongside Andrea’s incredible harmony, the duo put on a performance that would later go viral. Watch video in comments below

Experience an extraordinary musical moment in Dancing with the Stars, where the iconic Jennifer Lopez collaborates with opera virtuoso Andrea Bocelli. Together, they deliver a mesmerizing rendition of the first single from Andrea’s upcoming album, “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás.”

The crowd roars with excitement as Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Lopez take the stage to perform a captivating duet of “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás.”

The song featured is a Spanish rendition of the classic song “Maybe, Maybe, Maybe”, written by Doris Day and Rock Hudson and notably featured in the film Strictly Ballroom.

On stage, Andrea, dressed in an elegant black suit, takes pride of place in front of the orchestra. He is surrounded by an enchanting aura, highlighted by the clouds of smoke that envelop his feet, adding to the dramatic tension of the piece.

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