Elvis’ grandson auditions for The Voice and impresses the judges with his rendition of “Love Me Tender.”

Dakota Striplin claims to be Elvis’ grandson, and his fresh take on ‘Love Me Tender’ during his audition on The Voice makes the connection difficult to ignore!

At the beginning of this film, a young man named Dakota Striplin begins to sing and play guitar with an angelic voice. A judge immediately circles her chair and places her palm on her heart.

“I need to see what’s going on here,” says another judge, flipping her chair. At the end of his song, one of the judges expresses her delight that this young man is here. The judges are astounded because he not only sang but also played.

They inquire as to what prompted him to select that song and artist. Dakota says that Elvis Presley was an inspiration to him. His grandmother used to enjoy attending to the theater, and it’s a running joke that he could be his grandson. When the judges notice the likeness, they chuckle.

Dakota begins to tell his experience by saying that his father doesn’t talk about it often. His grandmother, on the other hand, used to go to Hawaii to help with Elvis Presley’s shows. Dakota’s father would accompany her to Hawaii, but none of her other children would.

When Elvis died, his grandma suffered a more profound and emotional loss. A DNA test a few years ago revealed that his granddad is not his real grandfather. So the theory goes that Dakota Striplin is Elvis’ grandchild.

Following the story, two judges stand up in the hopes of being chosen as his coach. Finally, he chooses the judge who voted for him first. After that, there’s another clip of Dakota singing in a knockout round.

We may not always know where we came from, but we can always find comfort in our unchanging identity in Christ. When we embrace Jesus as our Savior, we are adopted into God’s family.

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