Judge Accuses Boy of Using Recorded Piano Track, but Watch When He Tries Again

Talent shows are all about showing talents that most people don’t have and, to be honest can’t have. Some talents, however, are too good to be true.

Adrian Romoff is a child prodigy in a lot of things, including the piano. At nine years old, he’s already skipped three grades to put him in the eight grade now. But he also completed both eighth and ninth grade requirements this year, so as judge Howie Mandell says, “you’ll be in college in two years!”

“I don’t know where it is this kid gets everything from,” said his mother. “He is so smart, he is musical–it’s a gift for me as a parent.” The kid left a judge in confusion when he started playing. She even had to ask him to play something else so she knows he is the one playing the instrument, the boy does not disappoint at all.

Nothing can beat true talent and no accusation could torment this boy’s confidence and self-esteem either. He is amazing. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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