‘OMG she’s pregnant,’ Simone Biles says after tight clothing stir pregnancy speculations

The famous Olympic gold medallist Simone Biles felt obliged to respond to recent claims that she was pregnant after seeing a picture of herself in form-fitting clothing.

Two days prior, Biles, 26, shared pictures of herself at a football game wearing a body-conscious brown suit and a camouflage jacket.

After seeing the photos, some people started to wonder if the woman was pregnant. Reactions on social media included “OMG she’s pregnant” and “I see a baby bump!!!”

On her Instagram Story, Biles categorically declared that she is not pregnant, ending the rumors.

Biles is happy with her life with her husband Jonathan Owens, whom she married earlier this year, despite the pregnancy rumors.

Because of their exceptional careers in athletics, Biles and Owens have hectic schedules, but they still get along well. When Owens moved for his Packers career, Biles previously acknowledged the challenges of being apart and said that they still prioritize fun and relaxation in their relationship.

After all, we both work out a lot and have quite different schedules, so I think we like to have a lot of fun as well as unwind. That’s what Biles had to say.

Additionally, she mentioned that they like engaging in a range of activities that they both enjoy doing together, including therapeutic sessions, friendly competitions, getting their nails done, and massages.

Simone Biles appeared to be enjoying herself immensely with her spouse!

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