Simon Cowell did not believe her voice and asked the girl to sing acapella. After singing the girl, Simone was in shock..

In a season brimming with extraordinary talent, Kristen Cruz has emerged as a standout performer on «America’s Got Talent» (AGT) 2022. The young singer captivated the judges and audience alike with her astonishing vocal prowess, delivering a performance that will be remembered as one of the highlights of the competition.

Kristen Cruz, a name that may not have been widely known before her AGT audition, quickly became a sensation following her unforgettable performance. With a voice that combines power, emotion, and technical skill, Cruz managed to leave an indelible mark on both the judges and viewers.


From the moment she took the stage, there was a palpable sense of anticipation. Dressed modestly and exuding a quiet confidence, Cruz seemed ready but not entirely aware of the impact she was about to make. As the music began, it was immediately clear that the judges were in for a treat. Cruz’s voice, rich and resonant, filled the auditorium, drawing audible gasps from the audience.

Her song choice was perfect, showcasing not only her range but also her ability to convey deep emotion through her music. Each note was delivered with precision, yet there was an effortless quality to her performance that suggested a natural talent honed through years of dedication and practice. The audience was spellbound, hanging on every word and every note.

The judges’ reactions were immediate and enthusiastic. Simon Cowell, known for his often critical and discerning ear, was visibly impressed. His eyes widened in surprise and approval, a rare sight that immediately signaled to everyone that something special was happening on stage. Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara exchanged looks of amazement, while Howie Mandel could be seen nodding along, clearly moved by the performance.

As Cruz hit the final note, the auditorium erupted into applause, and the judges rose to their feet in a standing ovation. It was a moment of pure triumph for the young singer, who seemed almost overwhelmed by the positive reception. The judges were quick to praise her, with Simon Cowell describing her voice as «unbelievable» and predicting a bright future for the talented performer.

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