The audience is left in awe as a 14-year-old delivers an over-the-top rendition of an R&B classic, showcasing talent and stage presence beyond their years. Full video is in the comments

“Something’s Got a Hold on Me” is a timeless song originally recorded by Etta James in 1962, reaching notable positions on both the R&B and pop charts. Over the years, it has solidified its status as a classic within the soul and R&B genres, being covered by numerous artists, including Christina Aguilera, who famously used it as the foundation for her hit “Lady Marmalade” in 2001.

For her audition on Canada’s Got Talent, 14-year-old Maya Gamzu opted to perform Christina’s rendition of the song, showcasing her remarkable vocal talent. Originally from Israel, Maya moved to Toronto, Canada, in 2018, where she embarked on her journey as a singer. Despite the challenges she faced, including the need to hide from bombs in her homeland, Maya’s passion for singing persisted, nurtured by her father, who is also a singer.

From the moment Maya begins singing, it’s clear that she possesses an exceptional gift. The judges are visibly taken aback, struggling to reconcile her mature voice with her youthful age. Maya’s performance exudes a sense of wisdom and depth beyond her years, captivating the audience with each word she sings.

Her rendition is flawless, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats as she gradually builds anticipation with sustained notes before delivering a powerful climax. It’s a performance that leaves a lasting impact, earning Maya well-deserved recognition and praise.

Experience the magic of Maya’s audition in the full video below, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section on Facebook!

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