The audience yells “Push the Button” while the judges of “The Voice” sing along Full video is in the comments

Over the years, ‘The Voice’ has had its fair share of dramatic moments. ‘The Voice’ U.K. version annoys fans who chanted, ‘Push the button!’ This audition is no different.

John Rafferty takes the stage to perform John Denver’s hit sing-along song “Country Roads.” His voice catches the judges’ attention right away. As John performs, the audience claps and sings along with him.

Fans call for the judges to press the button throughout the performance. They sit with a smile on their faces, even singing along, yet they refuse to turn in their chairs. John makes it all the way to the last note of the song without being chosen by the judges.

John admits that being on the show was one of the most nerve-wracking things he’s ever done. He noted that he had to do five auditions before getting to the big stage.

Judges Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue, Will-I-AM, and Ricky Wilson all seemed to enjoy the performance, but not enough to push their button. At one point, Tom Jones was hovering over his, yet he still didn’t hit it by the end.

John Rafferty has continued to release music, with the CDs ‘Shake a Hand’ and ‘Comfort of Her Wings’. He considers his appearance on the show to be a tremendous accomplishment!

Many viewers on ‘The Voice’ have expressed dissatisfaction with the judges’ decisions. Few singers have garnered the amount of love and support that John has received during his quest for recognition. He’s a happy person who keeps moving forward in pursuit of his goal!

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