The judges said they have not seen such talent before… Watch the 13 year-old kid’s performance here!

You might be surprised to learn how talented some kids can be. How many great tales about young actors and performers who perform in theater and the movies, paint images, dance, and sing, among other things, without the required education, experience, or training have been told to us?

The protagonist of our video today is only 13 years old, yet she rendered the judges of a well-known talent contest completely dumbfounded with her stunning performance of the song. The girl is called

Laura arrived at the kids’ edition of the show “Voice.” She sang the well-known Whitney Houston song “I will always love you.” A song that was so heartfelt, profound, and “mature” looked to be inappropriate for a young child, but Laura showed that it was not.

The video of her performance has already received more than 130,000,000 views. This is now the absolute record set by the show’s official YouTube channel.

It is amazing to see and be able to listen to those amazing performances by little kids. All of them definitely deserve so much more, and we are here to support them on their way to achieving their goals in their music career!

Do not forget to check out the video here:

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