This heartwarming prom story goes viral again and we all understand why

In a heartwarming Facebook post from a couple of years ago, Mike Larson, a teacher, shared the touching story of his autistic son, Jon, and his prom experience. Maddi, a senior at their school, approached Mike and Jon’s mom, seeking permission to take Jon to prom. The story gained widespread attention, emphasizing the significance of inclusivity and kindness.

Jon, a junior with autism, faced the challenge of finding a prom date. Maddi, having connected with Jon through a school club fostering friendships between special needs and regular students, decided to make Jon’s prom experience unforgettable. She took the initiative to learn about Jon’s preferences, from his favorite color (orange) for her dress to booking a table at a restaurant serving his favorite food.

Before inviting Jon to the dance, Maddi sought permission from his father, creating a poignant and breathtaking moment. The story went viral, amassing millions of shares and likes. Mike Larson shared updates, celebrating the positive impact the post had worldwide.

In 2019, he mentioned that Jon was well and happy, still living at home, while Maddi had gotten married and sometimes felt embarrassed by the attention. Larson expressed gratitude for the well-wishes, highlighting the enduring warmth of the story. Despite initial fears about Jon’s limitations due to autism, Maddi’s gesture not only made the prom possible but created a beautiful and lasting memory for Jon and his family. The story serves as a reminder of the kindness that exists in the world, offering hope and inspiration.

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